How to Install TrackerJacker to Monitor and Trace Nearby WiFi-Connected Devices

You find yourself in the city, surrounded by a multitude of Wi-Fi networks of various kinds. Well, good news! You can now analyze and map all of these networks just like you would with nmap. The best part? There’s no need to connect to these Wi-Fi networks or for them to broadcast an SSID.

The tool that facilitates this exploit is called TrackerJacker. It’s a command-line tool allowing 802.11 monitoring under Linux (including Raspberry Pi) and macOS.

This tool provides a list of Wi-Fi networks and a comprehensive list of all the devices connected to them. If you’re on your own Wi-Fi network, it can be particularly useful for identifying the device hogging all the bandwidth.

To install TrackerJacker, use the following command:

pip3 install trackerjacker

Additionally, you can track specific MAC addresses and trigger alerts or various scripts accordingly. Imagine having the MAC address of someone you want to keep away from. You can instantly know if they are nearby when they connect to a Wi-Fi network around you.

To map everything in your vicinity, use the following command, specifying the network interface to use (here, eth0):

trackerjacker -i eth0 --map

This will generate a YAML file named wifi_map.yaml.

In summary, TrackerJacker is a handy Python tool for testing purposes. You can find all the documentation on GitHub.

Mohamed SAKHRI
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