How to install Windows 11 on an old processor or without a compatible TPM?

It is possible to bypass the configurations Microsoft requires to install Windows 11 on an old processor or without a compatible TPM. This is done simply by means of a command to be added to a menu.

Overriding the configurations required to install Windows 11 on an old processor or without a compatible TPM, do you think it’s impossible? So discovering an X user (ex-Twitter), Bob Pony will delight you. The latter managed to override Microsoft’s recommendations to install Windows 11 using a simple command.

He simply added the “/product server” switch to the Windows 11 setup.exe installation file to do this. A measure to bypass checks that the correct hardware configuration is required for system installation. A major discovery, as he explained in a post on X, with a supporting image:

A maneuver that works in the Canary Canal

Windows 11 setup
Capture ©Tom’s Hardware

The user tested this in the latest version of Canary Channel. And it works without any hacks or anything else. It’s simply a matter of using the “/product server” switch. Bob Pony continues:

“ If you’re wondering, I tested the latest Windows 11 Canary Insider build (25967 as of this posting) for this. NO hacks or anything else required! The simple “/product server” switch added to setup.exe WORKS! Of course, upgrading using this method WORKS too! 

Remember that these configurations required by Microsoft reduce the number of users accessing Windows 11. Some systems, even recent ones, are not considered secure enough. There are ways around this, but they are not as simple as those discovered above .

Source – Bob Pony

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