How to Jailbreak your PS4 with a simple LG TV!

Does jailbreaking a PS4 seem complicated to you? Are you sure you think it requires complex equipment and hacker skills to pull it off? Well, think again! You can now do it with the most unlikely tool: your LG TV!

First of all, it should be noted that you will need a relatively recent model of LG webOS Smart TV, and before you can tinker with your PlayStation, you will need to root your TV! Yes, you will have to start by cracking your TV’s system, but it’s a piece of cake thanks to this handy little guide.

Once your TV is freed from its chains, you can install the famous tool that will work wonders: PPLGPwn. This clever program leverages a vulnerability called PPPwn, adapted for LG TVs by Zauceee and xfangfang.

Next, you just need to connect your PS4 and your LG TV with a simple Ethernet cable, and by simply launching the exploit from the TV and asking the console to configure the network in PPPoE, your PlayStation will be automatically jailbroken!

Admit it, it’s pretty impressive to do that with just a TV.

Of course, some geeks will tell you that there are other techniques to hack a PS4 without using home appliances (LG TV owners in shock ^^). But you must admit that this method has the merit of being original and fun, in addition to impressing your friends…

And with that, you can install homebrews, run backups, and… well, have all sorts of fun with your PS4! But always with wisdom and moderation, okay?

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Who among you would have thought that one day we would use a TV to bypass a console’s security? You have to believe in your dreams, my friends, you have to believe in your dreams…

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