How To Organize Your Comics, Magazines, and Books with Komga

Komga is the perfect solution for those who wish to self-host their magazines, books, and comics. With this open-source and free comics/manga server, you can effortlessly organize your digital collection and create libraries for your comics. Regardless of whether your collection is in the form of PDF magazines or books, Komga supports various formats, including epub, pdf, cbz, and cbr. Once installed, you can easily navigate through your collection with a user-friendly and responsive web interface. Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing your digital comics, and welcome Komga to your library.

Organize your comics with Komga

Not only does Komga make it easy to organize your digital comics and books, but it also offers additional features to enhance your reading experience. You can easily create collections and playlists to better organize your library and even modify the metadata of your comic series and books. Plus, Komga allows for automatically importing metadata embedded in the files, making the organization even more effortless. And the best part is you can read everything directly from your browser using the web player without ever having to leave the platform. With Komga, you have everything you need to create and manage your own digital library of comics, manga, and books.

Komga offers even more features to make managing and accessing your digital comics and books even easier. With various reading modes available, you can customize your reading experience to suit your preferences. Additionally, Komga allows you to manage multiple users with access control by library and age restrictions, making it a great option for families or groups.

Furthermore, Komga also provides a REST API and a range of community-developed tools and scripts that can interact with the platform, giving users even more flexibility and customization options.

Downloading individual files or entire series is just a click away, and if you encounter any memory issues during imports, Komga can detect duplicate files and even duplicate pages to help streamline the process. The platform can also automatically import comics placed in a designated directory. With all of these convenient features, Komga makes organizing and accessing your digital library of comics, manga, and books a breeze.

Another great advantage of Komga is its easy installation and use. Whether you’re running Windows, Linux, or even a NAS, you can install Komga effortlessly using Docker Compose or by launching it directly through the provided .jar file (Java). This flexibility means you can run Komga on various devices and operating systems, making it a great option for anyone looking to create and manage their own digital library of comics, manga, and books.

If you want to test for yourself, a demo is available here:

  • Login:
  • Passwordkomga-demo

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