How to Reset Steam Achievements (2024)

Steam permanently unlock achievement on your account whenever you get them while playing a game. But if you want to reset them in order to experience a game from scratch, you’ll have to use a lesser-known approach.

You can reset achievements on Steam by entering a command line on the Steam console.

Alternatively, you can use unofficial third-party applications to manage all the achievements on your Steam account.

How to Reset Steam Achievements

Find the AppID and Achievement Name

Before resetting a game’s achievement, we must find its AppID and the Achievement API name. Every game has an App ID assigned to them to give them a unique identity. 

You can locate the App ID of a game from the URL of the game’s store page.

Alternatively, you can also use sites like SteamDB to look for App IDs of any game along with their Achievement API names. 

  • Visit SteamDB.
  • Type the game on the search bar and press Enter.


  • Note down the AppID.


  • Switch to the Achievement tab and note down the API name of the achievement you want to reset.


Step 2: Run Steam Console

After getting our AppID and Achievement name, we’ll need to run a command line in the Steam console menu.

By default, the Steam console menu is disabled in the client application. So, you’ll have to enable it by running a command on the Run terminal. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Press the Windows shortcut keys to open the Run command.
  • Type in steam://open/console and press Enter. Steam will boot up automatically and open the console menu.
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  • Type the following command on the text field and press Enter to reset the achievement.

achievement_clear <App_ID> <API Name>
  • Replace the <App_ID> with the App ID of the game and the API Name with the Achievement Name. For example, achievement_clear 105600 MINER_FOR_FIRE

Using Steam Achievement Manager

Steam Achievement Manager is an unofficial application that lets you manage all your achievements on your Steam account. You can view, lock, and unlock any game achievements on Steam. 

Although the Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) application is safe to use, and you won’t get banned for using it, you should still avoid using it on online VAC-enabled games.


  • Extract the zip file and run SAM.Picker.exe.
  • Double-click on a game to open its achievement menu.


  • Uncheck an achievement to reset it. You can also press the Reset button to reset all achievements at once.



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