How To Stop Steam From Using All Your RAM

Steam is a fantastic app that allows gamers to purchase and play games on their PC. However, this app is also one of the reasons for a slow PC. When Steam consumes too much of your memory then your PC might display the error message about your PC running out of memory.

The components that make steam are numerous. Although its download manager and games list are its two most popular features, it also has a number of other functions that are all powered by the Steam Client WebHelper. In essence, Steam is in charge of this web browser.

A new Steam Client WebHelper instance is created for each store page, friends list, and a chat window. Too many of them can affect your CPU performance in addition to using a lot of RAM over time. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to deal with running too many WebHelper instances.

How To Stop Steam Web Helper From Using Your RAM

Method 1: Employ Offline Mode

Running Steam offline is one approach to stop web browsers from opening. By selecting Steam from the home screen and selecting Go Offline… from the drop-down menu, you can accomplish this. This includes restrictions, such as the inability to obtain fresh updates or play certain games online. Before choosing to use this strategy, you should educate yourself about Steam’s Offline Mode.

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Method 2: Steam Mini Games List

Steam Mini Games List

This option lets gamers start Steam, but just displays the games on their PC in a small window rather than launching all of its services. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Launch the Windows Run window.

Step 2: Enter the following text.


Step 3: Press “Enter” and the Steam window will open a mini window.

Step 4: By alone, this will reduce the number of instances of the Steam Client WebHelper.

Step 5: Choose any option from the View menu to return to the Steam interface’s default setting.

Method 3: Make A Special Batch File For Low Steam

A set of commands can be used to totally disable Steam’s capacity to create Steam Client WebHelper instances. It would be difficult to enter all the commands at once, so we’ll create a batch file. Go to the Steam installation location and construct our batch file there. The Steam.exe file can also be found here. Once there, do the following:

Step 1: First, make a new .txt file in the main folder for Steam. (Right-click on an empty space and choose New > Text File)

Step 2: Copy & Paste the following commands into the txt file.

start steam.exe -dev -console -nofriendsui -no-dwrite -nointro -nobigpicture -nofasthtml -nocrashmonitor -noshaders -no-shared-textures -disablehighdpi -cef-single-process -cef-in-process-gpu -single_core -cef-disable-d3d11 -cef-disable-sandbox -disable-winh264 -cef-force-32bit -no-cef-sandbox -vrdisable -cef-disable-breakpad

Step 3: Change the .txt file extension to .bat.

Step 4: Open this .bat file after making sure Steam is off. When Steam launches, it should resemble the Steam Mini Games List from before.

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You can run Steam on just about anything this way, but you won’t be able to view friends, browse the store, arrange screenshots, or read the news.


Although Steam has some fantastic features, not everyone will use them. Consider using some of the solutions mentioned above if all you need from Steam is a way to browse and manage your games and you don’t care for the social features.

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