How To Use B^ EDIT: Generate And Edit Images With An AI?

Have you ever imagined seeing your thoughts materialize right before your eyes? Well, with B^ EDIT, a cutting-edge online tool currently in beta, you can experience just that. This innovative image generator utilizes the advanced capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to bring your creative ideas to life. Are you curious about how it operates and whether it truly delivers on its promises? We were too, and we’re excited to share our insights with you.

B^ EDIT: simply order your image

Currently, B^ EDIT is only compatible with the Google Chrome browser. While the developers suggest that this may change in the near future, it is presently the only option. Additionally, in order to register for B^ EDIT, a Gmail account is required. Once you have completed these initial requirements, you will be able to access the platform and request images through the advanced AI system.

The procedure in a nutshell

The process for generating images on B^ EDIT is fairly straightforward. You simply enter the desired characteristics of the image you wish to generate in a dialogue box, using English language. For instance, you could enter “a dog on a roof.” While B^ EDIT does allow for other languages such as French, we have found that results are generally less accurate in these languages after conducting several tests.

It’s important to note that B^ EDIT’s AI often only recognizes the first word of a request. So, while you may receive an image of a dog, it may not be on a roof as requested.

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However, the concept is easy to understand: you simply input your request and watch as the image forms before your eyes in mere seconds. You can even customize the final image using tools such as an eraser, brush, or the ability to combine multiple illustrations. While these editing options are fairly basic, they allow you to tailor the image to your specific needs.

Ultimately, the question remains: will B^ EDIT live up to your expectations and prove useful for your needs? Or will it simply provide a brief source of entertainment? Here are our thoughts on the matter.

Custom images from B^ EDIT: variable quality results

During our testing, we submitted several requests to B^ EDIT’s AI system. While some of the resulting images were quite impressive, others were less so. To illustrate this, let’s use the example of a dog as the requested subject matter. When requesting an image of a “dog with his violin,” B^ EDIT offers several variations to choose from.

To demonstrate the computer’s performance, we have selected two examples: one that we consider successful, and another that raises some questions.

The first example we have selected is quite convincing. While it’s unfortunate that the dog’s body appears slightly blurred on the left-hand side, the overall image still looks quite cool and accurately reflects the requested theme.

In contrast, the second example we have chosen is quite unsettling and almost seems like something out of a creepypasta, which are videos designed to scare viewers with their creepy stories. In this case, neither the dog nor the violin appear salvageable from a shipwreck. The instrument appears to have been devoured by the dog, which does not seem to appreciate its meal.

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The upside is that you can choose from a range of submissions, but unfortunately, it’s rare that any of them are completely accurate or satisfying.

In summary, this online image-generation tool offers some interesting features but requires patience and acceptance of potential inaccuracies. Some themes may still be too challenging for the AI, and the resulting human faces may not always appear aesthetically pleasing. However, it’s worth noting that this is only a beta version, and improvements are expected in the future. To explore the current capabilities of B^ EDIT, follow this link.

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