How To Use Grammar-GPT: A Spell Checker Based On ChatGPT

Are you hesitant to send an email to your collaborators due to concerns about possible spelling or grammatical mistakes? You can rely on Grammar-GPT, an online application powered by AI technology from ChatGPT, to scan through your text. To address any doubts you may have about the effectiveness of computer-based tools, we have thoroughly tested this spelling and grammar checker on your behalf.

A new kind of spelling and grammar checker

It should be noted that we are dealing with a novel type of automated correction tool, which is powered by advanced machine learning techniques via ChatGPT developed by OpenAI. This means that the system is capable of drawing upon a vast array of data it has processed, analyzed, and synthesized to identify the most accurate correction, with a keen focus on context.

In contrast to traditional spell checkers, which often inadvertently alter the meaning of corrected words due to their limited understanding of context, Grammar-GPT can discern numerous subtleties, including those relating to spoken language.

Moreover, the process of utilizing the tool is incredibly straightforward. Simply input your text, and within seconds, the system provides a correction.

So, does this implementation of artificial intelligence meet expectations? The answer is a resounding yes.

Grammar-GPT: an excellent technical corrector, but…

We put this free online correction platform to the test by submitting several texts that were riddled with various errors, including spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. The results were impressive, as ChatGPT‘s advanced algorithms proved to be far more than a simple spelling checker.

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For instance, the system was able to identify that we used “detonate” instead of “denote,” and it quickly and accurately corrected a missing question mark.

But does this mean the end of the proofreading profession? Not quite. Companies have been automating the spelling and grammar revision of certain documents for some time now, albeit with less impressive results than ChatGPT. However, for more complex and demanding writing, particularly those that require a unique style or impact, machines remain limited. They cannot capture the nuances of a writer’s “voice” and are often confined to generic suggestions, despite having access to vast amounts of data.

So you can try Grammar-GPT  to experience this proofreading tool, keeping in mind its inability to give text personality (or keep it intact).

Good to know

Please note that while Grammar-GPT does support multiple languages, there have been instances where corrections have been made in English even when other languages were selected. At this point, it’s unclear what causes this error or how to prevent it. We hope that in the future, the platform’s user interface, which is otherwise highly polished, will become more comprehensive and make it easier to select your desired language.

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