How To Use ImageToSTL To Bring Your Best Photos to Life

Have you ever wanted to turn your favorite photos into tangible, 3D-printed objects but felt discouraged by the complexity of the process?

Look no further! With ImageToSTL, you can quickly and easily convert your images into STL files, making 3D printing a breeze.

This user-friendly tool caters to both 3D professionals and hobbyists, empowering them to create one-of-a-kind custom objects with their 3D printers.”

ImageToSTL - Create 3D models from your photos in one click

ImageToSTL operates by taking an input image and user-defined parameters such as layer height and image size in millimeters. The program will analyze the image and generate an STL file that can be 3D printed.

The program’s primary function is to create highly detailed models, similar to lithophanes, from your favorite images.

ImageToSTL - Turn your photos into 3D printable sculptures

When the 3D model is printed, it can be illuminated from the left side to reveal the image, unlike traditional lithophanes that are typically backlit. This unique feature allows for a stunning and personalized display of your favorite photos in three dimensions.

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