How to Use MicroBin to Easily and Securely Share Files

If you have a large file to send to a friend, but emails and instant messaging aren’t cooperating… Don’t worry, MicroBin is here to help! In just two clicks, you can upload your file and voilà, you get a link to share. Your friend just needs to click on it to retrieve the precious file. And the coolest thing is that it works for all types of files: text, image, video, zip…

It’s not just a basic file host either, as it also encrypts your uploads so that only the intended recipient can access them. And if you’re the paranoid type, you can even enable automatic expiration so your file self-destructs after a certain time, just like in Mission Impossible!

And for geeks who love tinkering, you’ll love this: MicroBin is fully open-source and super easy to install on your own server. Just one command line and voilà, you have your own personal “mini-GitHub” to host all your projects and code snippets. Say goodbye to the hassles of sharing configurations or libraries!

bash <(curl -s

MicroBin also doubles as a URL shortener! So no more endless links that are impossible to remember. On top of that, the interface is super clean and user-friendly, with an automatic dark mode for those who work at night 🙂

In short, it’s simple, effective, and packed with well-thought-out features. If you’re interested, you can learn more by visiting their GitHub. And if you’re feeling lazy, there’s even a public instance available for direct testing.

Enjoy, have fun, and remember: Sharing is caring!

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