How to use stable-diffusion-webui-colab to generate original images with AI

If you enjoy experimenting with AI, you might know the treasures available on the Hugging Face site and Google Colab.

This allows you to have fun generating images (without censorship) without the need for a powerful machine and without installing many Python packages on your own machine.

However, you still need to know where to look.

Well, that’s good since a GitHub repository allows you to create AI-generated images in absolutely crazy styles from specialized models.

Called “stable-diffusion-webui-colab,” this GitHub repository brings together IPython Notebook files to import into Colab to generate images in many different styles. If you are uncomfortable importing IPython Notebooks, you can also consult the links in the repository readme to directly access third-party Colabs or Hugging Face pages that will allow you to obtain the same result.

By launching a Colab, you will then have a web interface for Stable Diffusion with the model you want imported, and you will only have to provide it with crazy prompts. Remember to change the branch (v2) on GitHub for the latest updates.

To explain the principle a little, it’s straightforward. Once on the Colab, you launch it by clicking on the play button. Here, I use a special model to generate comics.

It will load lots of stuff, and then a URL appears. Click on it.

You will then arrive at the web interface, and you can input a prompt and click on the Generate button. And there you have it, an image with a comic book look.

Depending on your chosen model, you can do many artistic or ultra-realistic things from there. And there’s no censorship on the images generated since there is Stable Diffusion behind it.

In short, you have something to have fun with for a little while. Be careful; this is very time-consuming.

I also encourage you to take a look at other repositories; there are, in particular, Colab projects allowing you to make a person’s lips move in a video or photo to make them say what you want.

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How to Use:
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