In the Heart of the Action: Exploring Trepang2

Sometimes, to blow off steam, there’s nothing better than a fast and fun action game—a shooting game where you take out dozens of enemies with style! This is what Trepang2 offers us, a John Wick-style FPS with a touch of horror, suffice to say it’s bloody. 😀

Contrary to what its title might suggest, Trepang2 is not a sequel; it is, in fact, the first game from Trepang Studios, a brand new team of only 4 people! They did a fantastic job—frankly, it’s super well-crafted, on par with many titles created by huge teams. 🙂 No wonder Team17 decided to publish the game.

The gameplay is superbly designed—simple and accessible to understand but very intense, allowing you to be quite creative. In addition to shooting your guns (you can carry up to 2 weapons at a time; it’s up to us to choose the ones that seem most suitable), throwing grenades, sliding, or using an enemy as a shield, you can make yourself invisible and also activate a “bullet time” mode, which will prove very practical!

Graphically, it’s super clean, fluid, but, above all, there’s an excellent atmosphere that sets in. There’s a John Wick/Matrix side mixed with the supernatural and sometimes even horror… Did I tell you it was bloody? 😀 I don’t know if you remember FEAR, but it’s quite similar: don’t be afraid of the dark! The scenario is quite basic, but we let ourselves be carried away. Effective.

Additional information is available by finding logs via computers, telephones, parchments (?!) on which the characters left notes. You can also find weapon upgrades; it’s nice, but the levels don’t necessarily invite exploration. Personally, I think I missed out on a lot of things. You’ll have to do some digging to get 100%!

The adventure is structured in missions. Between each mission, we return to the base to personalize our character/weapons a little and choose our next objective. In fact, certain missions are optional; it is up to us to choose what we want to do or not. It is also possible to replay levels already completed, by changing the difficulty, for example. Finally, there is a “survival” mode with waves of increasingly numerous and powerful enemies—enough to extend the lifespan. 🙂

The main story is completed for the first time in 4-5 hours, and I think we can easily double the playing time with this additional content. It’s a fairly concise but well-constructed experience, which we can return to if we want more of a challenge. In normal mode, personally, I died more than once, and it’s only the second difficulty mode out of… Six! Rage mode may make you angry. 😀

In conclusion, it’s an excellent “blow off steam” shooter—super fun, with some very scary moments, and a good amount of freedom in the way we approach the different dangerous situations in which the developers love to trap us. Of course, you have to like the genre, but if that’s your case, I think we can give it a 💥💥💥💥/5.

There is a demo available if you want to try it. 😉

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