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In the world of online translation, Google Translate is often the first choice for users. However, the digital landscape provides other equally powerful tools, which are even superior in some aspects. DeepL, for instance, has quickly emerged as a major player due to the quality of its translations. Nevertheless, its linguistic offerings are still relatively limited at the moment. That’s why today, our focus is on another alternative: iTranslate. This free translation service supports hundreds of languages and offers numerous advantages. Thus, could iTranslate be a viable alternative to Google Translate? Let’s explore this question together in this article.

iTranslate, an innovative and versatile translation tool

iTranslate is a completely free translation tool available both online and as an app for macOS, iOS, and Android. However, it’s important to note that there is no version available for Windows or Linux.

One of the main advantages of iTranslate is its lack of character limitations. Whether you have short paragraphs or lengthy documents, you won’t have to worry about size restrictions. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial when translating extensive texts.

Another strong point of iTranslate is its strict privacy policy. Unlike some competing translation services, iTranslate does not store your translations. This feature provides an additional level of security and privacy, especially when dealing with sensitive information.

Lastly, iTranslate offers a feature called “Text to Speech” which allows you to listen to the translated text being spoken aloud. This feature can be highly useful for verifying the correct pronunciation of a word or phrase in a foreign language or simply if you prefer listening to the translation rather than reading it.

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The limitations of iTranslate

Indeed, iTranslate does have some limitations that should be considered. One of the main drawbacks is the absence of automatic language detection. Users have to manually select the source and target languages for each translation, which can be slightly inconvenient compared to tools that automatically detect the language.

Additionally, iTranslate only translates the texts entered or pasted into its interface and does not provide the option to upload entire documents for translation. This can be a limitation if you require quick translation of large documents.

What you must remember

In summary, iTranslate presents itself as a strong contender to Google Translate. It is a free online translation tool that supports numerous languages, doesn’t impose character limitations, prioritizes user privacy, and provides a useful translation listening feature. However, it is crucial to consider its limitations, specifically the lack of automatic language detection and the inability to upload complete documents for translation. If these factors are not significant obstacles for your translation needs, iTranslate could indeed be the solution you are seeking.

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