JustFit Fitness App Review 2024: Evaluating Its Effectiveness and User Satisfaction

Staying fit, especially when you love food or are lazy on a higher level, is practically impossible. We do have hundreds of fitness and workout options from home available on the Internet, but, well, they are boring and who has the motivation for it?

However, we recently came across a lazy workout app while scrolling on social media — and the ad was so alluring that we know that most of you, like us, took the bait and landed on the Google Play Store or App Store to know more about this JustFit app.

Indeed, looking at the green flag ratings and download count, the app seemed good – but is that the truth? Is it worth the hype? If you want to know the answers, then continue reading an unbiased JustFit app review mentioned right below, in this article.

JustFit App Review

JustFit – Lazy Workout is a popular fitness platform that can help you lose weight or gain muscles without needing any equipment and tools. 

With this app, you will be following a professional guide to enjoy fitness and health training, but the main highlight is – it only includes lazy workouts, which, mostly, don’t need you to even step out of your bed. 

JustFit App

How Does It Work?

The working of the JustFit app is easy to understand, and surprisingly, while allowing you to do only lazy workouts, it also follows the trending workouts on social media, like Wall Pilates.

Moreover, it is a science-backed virtual coach that will challenge you for a 28-day Pilate challenge, and move over to other things like a different workout for belly for ladies, workout for beginners, and more.

Key Highlights

Target Training 

Target training is one of the best features of this app because it allows you to skip the overall body transformation and first focus on the problematic areas, like fat on the belly, thighs, or any other part.

Workout Coach

Although the app offers a virtual workout fitness coach, rest assured that all your information and progress will be taken into account and you will be given a personalized workout plan to help you reach your goals and get in shape faster.

Daily Progress Tracker

The app is known to be strict when it comes to tracking your daily progress, and with a big library of exercises from beginner level to advanced, you get rid of the stereotypical forms of losing weight.


The JustFit app offers premium services in exchange for auto-renewing subscription plan options, where the quarterly subscription plan costs $29.99, and the yearly subscription plan charges $69.99. 

JustFit App Review: Is It Worth It?

To start with – the JustFit app has received an outstanding rating of 4.8/5 with over 135,000 reviews on the App Store, and an excellent 4.5/5 rating with over 40,000 votes on the Google Play Store. 

Secondly, we know that not everyone will transform their bodies following the same procedures and workouts, but when we looked at hundreds and thousands of reviews stating similar positive reviews about the app, we were stunned.

Moreover, it’s not like the app is just focusing on a couple of things or has few features for a hefty sum as a subscription fee – but, according to the majority of the users, paying $30 quarterly to transform your body, without anything extra in use lazily, is a great deal. 

Final Words

The final decision lies in your hands, and although we recommend you at least have a look, you are not pressured because as far as we know, the JustFit app doesn’t offer any free trials, so it is still a gamble.

That is all from our side, and hope our JustFit app review was able to give you all the answers you needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the JustFit app cost?

The JustFit Lazy workout app will cost $29.99 for a quarterly subscription plan and $69.99 for a yearly subscription plan.

How does the JustFit app work?

The JustFit app takes in your personal information and progress from the daily progress tracker to offer a customized workout plan. 

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