Karektar: Simplify Your Font Creation Process for High-Quality, Custom Typefaces

Serif or sans serif that is the question. In general, typographers are people who wear big glasses and experience intense headaches because they think very hard, all day long, about the serif of the next lowercase “A” that they are going to invent. And, of course, as they suffer from being misunderstood, they like to relieve themselves by scorning people who still use Comic Sans MS in 2023 on social networks. No, but realize!!! What idiots!!!

Now, let’s talk a little, but let’s talk well. If you also want to join the very exclusive club of typographers, here is THE site you need. This is Karektar, which allows you to draw pixel by pixel the future font of your dreams, a font that Microsoft will probably not buy, and which you will be forced to sell online under bizarre usage licenses. But it doesn’t matter because all fonts have the right to exist.

So, I took my most beautiful virtual writing to offer you Tagada, my fly-footed font that doctors will soon all use to write their digital prescriptions. It’s certain.

And here is the final result! Nothing to be ashamed of; it’s so beautiful.

And long live Comic Sans MS, whatever the elites say.”

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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