KarmaZoo: a really funny and enjoyable game!

I discovered a very funny and fun game! KarmaZoo is a pretty original platformer. 🙂 Basically, the principle is to reach the end of the level by collecting as much karma as possible along the way. Okay, that’s very classic. What’s a little new is that we’re going to be playing with strangers, and we’re going to have to help each other!

When you start a “loop,” you join other players online, and then the game sends you into increasingly difficult levels that you have to navigate hand in hand. There are many ways to cooperate: dying on spikes, for example, will leave a small platform for others to climb on. 🙂 Sometimes, you’ll have to sacrifice yourself willingly! Every good deed grants you karma.

Karma will be used to unlock new animals that you can (re)carnate. Not only are they super cute every time, but they also have special abilities! Soaring in the air, hanging on walls, making friends take off… New ways to help the little buddies you share the adventure with!

There are some rather difficult passages where cooperation is essential, such as pressing a button at the right time to advance our comrades on a platform. This is where playing with strangers comes into its own; To communicate, we jump in all directions, and it works. 😀 It’s also possible to play online with friends, but I think it loses its charm.

You can also launch the “totem” mode; it’s competition on the same screen, locally. Mini-games (racing, skill, etc.) to play as an aperitif. It uses the different animals and their powers pretty well; it’s funny, but it’s secondary.

That’s it for the little presentation of the game. It’s cute, funny, for €10, I think it’s worth the cost! Namely, the game is available on all platforms, and we benefit from crossplay; you can play on Switch with PC players, etc.

Find KarmaZoo on SteamEpic StoreNintendo SwitchPS5Xbox X|S

Mohamed SAKHRI
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