Keycheck: Comprehensive Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are now available in all operating systems (Windows, macOS, or Linux) and many applications. It must be said that they are particularly practical for improving user productivity. Thanks to them, we can perform actions or access features much faster than with mouse clicks. But you still need to know them by heart to fully exploit their potential. With that in mind, we wanted to introduce you to Keycheck, a website that brings together an extensive library of keyboard shortcuts, covering more than 100 popular applications. For whom? What for? We’ll explain everything in the rest of this article.

Keycheck, a gold mine for developers and users

This is because Keycheck can be very useful for app developers, as it allows them to quickly check if keyboard shortcuts are already taken by other popular apps such as Adobe Photoshop, Chrome, Discord, Excel, GIMP, Notion, Visual Studio, VLC, and many more.

This way, they can ensure that the keyboard shortcuts chosen for their software won’t conflict when used alongside other programs. This is a significant advantage in making their applications more convenient and pleasant to use, thus avoiding potential user frustrations.

For users, Keycheck is just as valuable. With its comprehensive database, including over 1411 shortcuts from 101 different applications, users can easily find and learn new shortcuts to speed up their daily tasks across different operating systems and software.

A very easy-to-use interface

As soon as you land on Keycheck, you’ll notice how simple everything is. The site’s interface is modern and straightforward. Looking for a keyboard shortcut? The search bar is there, ready to serve you. Type in the name of an app or a keyboard shortcut you want to discover, and voila, you’re there in seconds. The site offers you a full description of the keyboard shortcut in question.

Note that the descriptions are in English, but don’t worry if you prefer another language like “French”. You can quickly get the translation by right-clicking in a space in the window and selecting “Translate to English”.

Searching for keyboard shortcuts on Keycheck

And that’s not all. By exploring the “Applications” menu, you can quickly find the full list of available software. Whether you need keyboard shortcuts for a drawing program, a project management tool, or your favorite browser, it’s all there, organized, and at your fingertips (or rather, click 😉).

Keycheck also thinks about the diversity of its users. Whether you’re on Windows or macOS, dedicated buttons help you filter shortcuts based on your operating system. This little extra makes navigation even easier.

Boost your productivity with Keycheck

In summary, if you’re looking for keyboard shortcuts for app development or to maximize your productivity, Keycheck is the resource for you. An easy interface, and keyboard shortcuts by the thousands, what more could you ask for?

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