King of the Castle: War for the Throne – Strategy Game 2023

This video game might remind you of Game of Thrones, not for its violence and mature content, but for its political intrigue! King of the Castle is truly unique, especially since it’s exclusively a multiplayer experience that feels more like a board game or a narrative adventure than a typical video game. What’s even crazier is that it fully embraces modern technology, particularly the Internet! Let me explain it all to you; we’re diving into a battle for power… 🫅

The concept of KotC is incredibly engaging: you step into the shoes of a monarch with the goal of maintaining peace in your kingdom and ensuring the prosperity of your descendants. However, you also have to manage the affairs of the realm simultaneously, which means dealing with a wide range of events that will unfold. Characters will arrive with their own stories, and you’ll be presented with various options, each with its own consequences. You’ll have your say, of course, but it’s ultimately the council’s decision through a vote.

This is where other players come in using a simple web browser; they assume the roles of nobles with seats on this all-important council. Democratically, they can influence the decisions and tilt the balance in their favor, even if it means creating new problems. Their objective isn’t to please the kingdom’s inhabitants or bring about peace; no, their aim is to overthrow the current ruler and claim the throne!

Plots, betrayals, deliberate chaos… It’s a recipe for a thrilling political drama. 😀 Yes, it can be quite ruthless, but also incredibly entertaining! The dialogues are exceptionally well-written, and you’ll have a blast taking on different roles as you read the lines that pop up on the screen, as each player’s nickname will appear in the story at some point or another. My friends and I had an absolute blast with it. x)

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The story and events are procedurally generated, so the narrative is fresh every time, offering substantial replayability. A single game session lasts around 3 hours, but you can take breaks and return to it later (I believe?). You’ll need a minimum of 4 players, but it can accommodate even more: 24 players with friends, and up to 3000 players via Twitch! I recommend a minimum of 6 nobles plus the leader.

The only drawback is that, for now, the game is only available in English. If, like me, you enjoy immersing yourself in the characters, this may lengthen the sessions (because translating isn’t something you can do on the fly; it’s a skill!), but aside from that, and even though the dialogues sometimes feature medieval and fantasy terms, it’s quite easy to understand. I’m still hoping for a French version to arrive soon.

One last thing I didn’t mention: the price! It’s only €5, and you only need one copy of the game to start, regardless of how many nobles join in! I know it might sound a bit peculiar and difficult to explain (I hope I’ve conveyed it well?), but it’s genuinely a lot of fun.

I highly recommend it: 👑👑👑👑/5.

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