Lode Runner Revival: The Classic Game Makes a Comeback!

Initiated in 1983, the Lode Runner series has likely left an impression on you if you’re a veteran who has engaged in arcade games or played on the Apple II, the Commodore 64, or the Amstrad. Even the youngest gamers had the opportunity to try it out on the Wii’s Virtual Console.

The appeal of this game lies in its gameplay, which involves navigating levels composed of breakable bricks, climbing ladders, and swinging on bars to dodge enemies, eliminate them, and collect gold bars.

It’s straightforward yet effective and, above all, incredibly addictive, as it requires you to meticulously plan your movements and utilize the environment to your advantage to avoid being captured.

If you’re eager to re-experience the charm of this game, diving into this HTML5 port created with CreateJS is a wonderful option. This allows you to play directly in your browser!

The game offers three modes: challenge, training, and level editor, as well as a demo mode that replays past levels. Lode Runner is playable in five versions: the classic, the pro, “revenge,” the “fan book,” and, of course, the Championship.

Furthermore, the source code is available, enabling you to port it to your preferred device if you’re so inclined.

Mohamed SAKHRI
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