Midjourney: A Prompt Generator for Creating Stunning Images

Thinking of using Midjourney as the foundation for your graphic design projects? You’ve probably been searching for a prompt generator.

Indeed, communicating with a machine is not always an easy task. It is crucial to understand its “language” to achieve results that meet your expectations.

PromptoMANIA has developed an online tool specifically for generating prompts. These prompts can then be utilized as advanced queries for the renowned imaging bot, Midjourney.

Easy Tech Tutorials has thoroughly tested this Midjourney prompt generator for you. We bring you valuable information and our opinion!

What is the Midjourney Prompt Builder?

Midjourney Prompt Builder is a realization of the PromptoMANIA project, aiming to simplify the interaction process with artificial intelligence for users.

This free platform is not directly affiliated with the Midjourney developers.

Currently, the website supports various AI-based online solutions, including Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, CF Spark, among others. However, we will focus on Midjourney here.

The operation of the platform is incredibly simple. By making a series of choices and following instructions, you can lay out a roadmap or work plan. Based on your selections, the Prompt Builder will provide you with the most suitable query for your image generation needs.

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A complete Midjourney prompt generator: our guide

The Midjourney Prompt Builder offers a wide range of options for extensive customization. Here is a brief tutorial along with some comments.

To test the tool, I set a goal for myself: to obtain a drawing representing the Smurfs at the zoo in a street art style from Midjourney.

Step 1 (optional): the prompt image

You can start by choosing an image, considered an “  image prompt  ”. This will serve as a basis, an inspiration for the builder. Strangely, it is not possible to import a file from your computer. You will therefore have to provide a URL to the machine.

Think of it as a “hint” to guide the bot to the best possible outcome when the time is right.

For my part, I chose the drawing of a Smurf.

Step 2: choice of subject (or subjects)

The second, crucial step is to specify the main subject of your image.

Here’s how I did it:

Prompt generator for Midjourney

I’ve carefully separated the topic from localization, hoping it works!

Step 3 (optional): Select the template image style

The third step confused me a bit at first.

At first, I believed that it influenced the content of the Future Picture. However, in reality, it serves as a “pattern” or a foundation for visualizing the different styles.

Step 4: the details

Then comes the detailed part. There are many options available to you – I’ll let you discover them for yourself.

As part of our experiment, I opened this menu:

It is obvious that a basic knowledge of English is necessary. However, if you are not fluent in Shakespeare’s language, the pictures will help you understand.

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Anyway, I selected this style:

Note that, unintuitively, it will automatically be “propelled” to the top of the page. Don’t worry. You can continue (or add other styles).

Step 5 (optional but very interesting): Midjourney settings

You thought it was over? There is still work to be done, especially if you’re meticulous. However, if you prefer, you can proceed to the next step.

Here, the objective is to fully configure the generation of the illustration. You have access to various levels: the level of stylization, the level of chaos (meaning, the higher it is, the more abstract the result becomes)… You can even adjust the weight of the image, fine-tune its quality, and define its photorealism.

There are many other details to explore. For instance, you can choose to activate a ‘random seed’ feature, allowing the online software to surprise you.

Step 6: copy-paste the prompt

Your prompt is already prepared! Unless you want to adjust the image size or mimic a specific artist’s style, which I haven’t covered in this tutorial, you can simply copy and paste the provided code and switch to Midjourney mode.

Using Midjourney with the Prompt Builder: what are the results?

Since the beginning of this article, I’ve been telling you about a Smurf at the zoo… it’s time to reveal the result!

My first impression was mixed. I expected to see giraffes and turnstiles for entry… Then I reconsidered, and ultimately, this illustration aligns with my request.

It should be noted that I provided very few details. I didn’t specify that the Smurf had to be a visitor. Therefore, the AI interpreted things in its own way. It transformed this blue creature into a resident, leaping out of a pool. It’s a zoo without cages… and why not, indeed!

  • From this experience, we can draw the following “lessons”:
  • The bot cannot guess what you want. It’s important to clearly state your request.
  • Tools like the presented builder assist users in formulating their queries.
  • These tools make it easy to adjust multiple parameters, as everything is conveniently grouped on the platform: available styles, size variations, and more. In this case, we were able to guide the machine towards street art, and the outcome is rather faithful to reality!
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This information should aid you in your graphics generation process. And remember, the aim is to accompany you halfway through your artistic journey. The rest is left to your fertile imagination!

To test this prompt generator dedicated to Midjourney, it’s very simple: just click here .

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