Midjourney v5 Video Guides (2023)

After OpenAI released GPT-4, MidJourney made the surprising decision to drop V5 one day later. Despite the chaos in the AI space, this Video guide will focus on discussing the new features of MidJourney V5.

  • More stylistic range and more responsive to prompting
  • Higher image quality (2x resolution increase)
  • Improved dynamic range
  • More detailed images
  • Less unwanted text
  • Improved performance with image prompting
  • Supports --tile the argument for seamless tiling (experimental)
  • Supports --ar aspect ratios greater than 2:1 (experimental)
  • Supports --iw for weighing image prompts versus text prompts

Midjourney v5 | Comparing v5 styles with examples | Differences of –v 5 and –v 5a

Midjourney v5 | Do simple prompts still work? | 25 words to use in your prompts with examples

Midjourney v5 | 25 words to use in your prompts with examples | Part 2

Midjourney v5 | First look at version 5 | What changed? | How to, parameters and examples

Preview of Midjourney v5 | Checking out images from the first v5 rating party

Midjourney v4 | Exploring and experimenting with lighting | over 250 examples!

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