Monoff: Fast and Easy Screen Power Management for Windows

How to Quickly Turn Off the Screen in Windows without Turning Off the Computer

Before taking a coffee or lunch break, it is often recommended to turn off your monitor. It’s an effective way to save energy while maintaining the confidentiality of your work. Of course, there are options in Windows settings to automate this action after inactivity, but they can sometimes be intrusive while working. Turning off the screen can also be complicated if your monitor’s power button is poorly located or inaccessible. The solution? Monoff is a Windows application that lets you turn off your monitors in one click, guaranteeing simplicity and efficiency.

How to Use Monoff to Turn Off Your Monitors in Windows

Monoff is a free and open-source application designed to quickly turn off your computer screen in Windows. The main utility of this application is its simplicity: a simple click on the application icon, and your monitor is turned off. If you want to turn your screen back on, simply move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard.

One of the major advantages of Monoff is its portability. No need for installation; the program is ready to use upon downloading. So you can easily carry it on a USB stick and use it on any computer.

Its history is also interesting. Monoff was developed in response to a personal need: its creator had purchased monitors whose power buttons were difficult to access. With Monoff, no more hassle of searching for these buttons. The app icon can be placed in the taskbar and allows you to instantly turn off your screens.

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If you’re worried about the screen accidentally turning back on, Monoff lets you set a delay before turning it off. This gives you time to take your hand off the mouse without risking reactivating your monitors. By default, this delay is 50 milliseconds.

The Monoff application is available for download from the GitHub platform.

How to Add Monoff to Your Taskbar

Simply drag and drop the app onto your taskbar. From there, a simple click on the Monoff shortcut is all it takes to turn off your screens.

Set Parameters

Adjusting Monoff settings requires a few simple steps:

  1. Access Properties: Right-click on the Monoff application icon in the taskbar. In the context menu that opens, right-click on “monoff” again, then select “Properties.”
  2. “Shortcut” Tab: Go to the “Shortcut” tab in the open window. There, you will find a field called “Target.”
  3. Adding Variables: In this “Target” field, following the path already present, you can add the desired variables.
    • For immediate extinction: leave the field as is, i.e., with only the access path.
    • For a shutdown with a delay: Add –delay followed by the desired number of milliseconds. For example, for a delay of 2 seconds, add –delay 2000 to the end of the field. Example: C:\Users\Easytutorial\Downloads\monoff.exe –delay 2000
    • For help: Add –help to the end of the field.
  4. Validate Your Modifications: Once the variables are added according to your preferences, click “OK” to save your modifications.

Every time you click on this Monoff icon, it will execute the command with the parameters you set.

In conclusion, Monoff is the kind of tool you didn’t know you needed until you discovered it. It offers a simple solution for controlling your screens to turn off without fumbling for the switch or waiting for the screensaver to do the job. If you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to turn off your monitors in Windows, Monoff might be your next favorite tool.

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