Movie-Web: Your Meta Search Engine for Perfect Movie and Series Evenings

How about having a little movie night after work?

Oh yeah, but I’m too lazy to go and find a direct download full of ads about weirdos. Torrent? We love it. But the best thing is to host your personal Netflix yourself.

And for that, we can count on Movie-web, a brilliant web application that can be hosted on your server or personal computer, allowing you to watch all your favorite films and series in an intuitive and aesthetic interface, without advertisements!

In terms of the interface, it’s quite simple. By going to the settings, you can choose “your language” as the language for the interface and the preferred language, size, and color for your subtitles.

Then, all you have to do is search for a film via the search engine. However, avoid copyrighted films and look exclusively for films under a free license to avoid falling into piracy. So instead of watching the latest season of One Piece or Barbie the Movie, I found it much cooler to rewatch this famous Georges Méliès film, A Trip to the Moon from 1902.

And presto, immediately the film is found on the web and played in the Movie Web web player.

Among the features offered by Movie-web is saving the progress of your films and series, allowing you to continue where you left off, even if you change devices. You can also bookmark your favorite movies and episodes and easily move from one season to another or from one episode to the next without having to search manually.

As mentioned earlier, Movie-web is ad-free. Watching your films and series without being interrupted by unwanted ads and pop-ups is a real pleasure. As I said, you can host the app yourself (you’ll need a Cloudflare account), giving you complete control over the viewing experience.

Movie Web is nothing more than a search engine capable of finding the film of your dreams, mainly in the original version, on the web. What a great idea, especially since it’s completely under a free license!

And if you want a demo of the service, I believe there is one on the Github project page.

I’ll let you check.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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