NaturalReader: a free tool to read your texts aloud

To save you time and effort, there are many useful and practical online tools available today. One of these is NaturalReader, a free online text-to-speech tool that is capable of reading almost any text aloud. This means you can listen to your preferred text, as if it were an audiobook, while multitasking. In this article, we will cover the features of NaturalReader and explain how it works.

NaturalReader, a text-to-speech tool to read your texts aloud

NaturalReader is the perfect tool for people who struggle with reading difficulties, visual impairments, foreign language learning, or anyone who needs to listen to texts aloud. Thanks to its AI-powered text-to-speech feature, you can avoid the hassle of reading long and complex texts. Simply type or paste your text into the provided field and press play. It’s worth noting that the tool supports over 20 document formats, including PDFs, Word documents, web pages, text files, images, and eBooks. However, please be aware that importing files requires free registration.

Besides, NaturalReader offers many useful features to enhance the reading experience:

  • Choice of voice: NaturalReader offers a wide variety of different voices, allowing you to choose a voice that best suits your needs. You can choose between male or female voices and in different languages.
  • Reading Speed: The tool also lets you adjust the reading speed, which can be useful for people who need slower or faster reading.
  • Advance or rewind the reading: you will also find two buttons in the form of arrows which allow you to advance or rewind the reading of the text.
  • Subtitles: If you wish, you can activate subtitles by clicking on the “CC” icon.
  • Choice of font size: by clicking on the underlined A- shaped icon (top right), you can adjust the size of the font and its spacing, but also activate or writing if you have dyslexia.
  • Pronunciation correction: If NaturalReader mispronounces a word, it is possible to correct the pronunciation by adding the word to the tool’s pronunciation dictionary.
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Finally, it’s worth noting that NaturalReader is also available as an application for Windows, macOS, Android, and iPhone, as well as an extension for the Chrome browser. This means you can use the tool to read aloud web articles or documents stored on your device. With its easy accessibility, NaturalReader is an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve their reading experience

Two versions available

NaturalReader offers both a free and a paid version. In the free version, you can use the “Premium voices” for 20 minutes per day and the “Plus voices” for 5 minutes per day. Additionally, you can use all available free voices without any restrictions.

With the paid versions, you get unlimited use of the service and access to a wider selection of voices, some of which are more natural-sounding than others (i.e., less robotic). Additionally, you can convert your texts into MP3 audio files, allowing you to listen to them on any device at a later time.

How to use NaturalReader?

To use NaturalReader, just follow these steps:

1. Go to the NaturalReader website .

2. From the site home page, select the language and voice you want to use.

3. Type, paste or upload the text document you want to read aloud.

4. Click the play button to start playback.

It’s that simple!


To sum up, NaturalReader is a practical and effective online tool that can read texts aloud. Its accessibility and ease of use make it an ideal solution for people with reading difficulties or for those who want to improve their online reading experience. While the tool has some minor drawbacks, such as voice quality and the limitations of the free version, the benefits of NaturalReader are plentiful and make it a reliable choice for users seeking a practical and free solution.

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