OpenCat: The Open Source Framework for Robotic Pets

Today, I want to talk to you about OpenCat, an open-source framework that will help you create your own robotic pets, that is, hyper-realistic and surprisingly affordable quadrupeds. To achieve this, OpenCat allows you to control high-performance servomotors used as joints, an optimized body structure, and low-cost controllers such as Arduino, ESP32, or Raspberry Pi.

You can also add lots of cool modules like a smart camera, IoT sensors, or even voice control. With the highly efficient open-source control code, your robots will literally come to life!

OpenCat isn’t just a bearded geek’s whim since it has already been deployed on commercial robots like Petoi’s Nybble cat and Bittle dog. These little technological marvels can run, walk, and even self-balance like real animals.

The creators of OpenCat share all this in open source for a good reason: they want to foster collaboration in the development of robotics, IoT, and AI on affordable quadruped robots. They also aim to disseminate educational resources on robotics to as many people as possible and inspire students, teenagers, and even children. It’s really admirable!

In short, if you too dream of building your own robotic pets, dive into OpenCat! It’s the perfect time to get your hands dirty, learn while having fun, and participate in this adventure.

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Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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