OpenDevin: The AI That Codes

After Devin and Devika, OpenDevin is an open-source project that provides you with an autonomous AI software engineer. Created by Cognition Labs, this little code genius is capable of performing complex tasks and actively collaborating with developers on projects.

It’s still in development, so it’s far from fulfilling all its promises, but OpenDevin will be able to autonomously generate code, detect bugs, and optimize our programs…

To install it, you will need:

  • Linux, Mac OS, or WSL on Windows
  • Docker (for those on MacOS, make sure to allow the use of the default Docker socket from the advanced settings!)
  • Python >= 3.11
  • NodeJS >= 18.17.1
  • Poetry >= 1.8

Next, you will need to “build” the project, which includes setting up the environment and installing dependencies. This step ensures that OpenDevin is ready to run smoothly on your system.

make build

Note that OpenDevin supports a wide variety of language models (LM) thanks to the powerful litellm library. By default, OpenAI’s GPT-4 is the default model, but you have options.

To configure the LM of your choice, follow these steps:

  • Use the Makefile: With a single command, you can have a smooth LM configuration for your OpenDevin experience. Simply run:
  make setup-config

This command will prompt you to enter the LLM API key and model name, ensuring that OpenDevin is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Or go for manual configuration: You can manually update the config.toml file located in the root directory of the project. There, you will find the fields llm_api_key and llm_model_name, where you can set the LM of your choice.

Once configuration is complete, launching OpenDevin is as simple as running a single command. This command starts both the backend and frontend servers seamlessly, allowing you to interact with OpenDevin without any issues.

make run

If you prefer, you can start the backend server independently to focus on backend-related tasks or configurations.

make start-backend

Similarly, you can start the frontend server alone to work on frontend-related components or improvements.

make start-frontend

And if you need help:

make help

And there you go! You are now ready to start using OpenDevin. Personally, I still prefer the manual approach in Project Manager mode with Cursor in particular. But maybe one day, a tool like OpenDevin will be smart enough to do everything from A to Z… who knows?

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