Outline VPN – The Open Source Software to Bypass Internet Censorship

Are you tired of being monitored and censored while browsing the web? Do you dream of accessing all the content you want without anyone snooping around your business? Let me introduce you to Outline VPN, the open source software that will transform your online experience!

This solution uses a discreet and hard-to-detect protocol, allowing you to bypass censors’ restrictions. Thus, you can browse incognito and access all your favorite sites, even those typically blocked in your beloved country.

But that’s not all, because Outline offers you the possibility to create your own VPN server in just a few clicks and share it with your friends. This way, you have your own private network where you can communicate freely away from prying eyes.

And if your server is detected and blocked by those who don’t appreciate your love of freedom, don’t worry because with this tool, you can easily and quickly recreate it. Of course, when it comes to security and confidentiality, Outline has you covered… The code has been audited by independent companies, such as Radically Open Security in March 2018 and December 2022, as well as Cure53 in December 2018, confirming that your data is protected and your online activity is not logged. In short, once in place, you can surf with peace of mind, knowing that no one will be snooping through your history.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

First of all, you need to know that Outline consists of two interdependent products that work together to provide you and your community with uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Step 1: Installation

Download Outline Manager, the desktop application for Windows, Linux, and macOS, which allows you to configure your server in a few clicks. You can manage all aspects of your server centrally and choose from a list of trusted cloud service providers (Google, Amazon, Digital Ocean…) or use your own Linux infrastructure to deploy it.

Step 2: Generate Access Keys

After configuring your server, you need to generate unique access keys directly from the Desktop application. You can then send invitations to your friends, and the access keys will allow them (and you) to connect their devices to your Outline server. Each key is managed individually and can be bandwidth-limited to prevent one user from consuming all the resources.

Step 3: Download the Outline Client App on PC/Mac and Smartphone

Next, download the Outline app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and connect using your unique access key.

And good news if you’re a developer, the Outline SDK offers a library and a set of cross-platform tools that allow app developers to integrate Outline’s advanced networking strategies to mitigate the most complex network interferences.

In short, it can be useful… Definitely worth a try.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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