PDF Wrench: Merge and Sign PDF Documents Online

You often manipulate PDF files to change the order of pages, delete pages, add pages, add images or affix your electronic signature. For this kind of use, the tools are not lacking. Unfortunately, most are gas plants, greedy in storage space and not necessarily ergonomic. PDFWrench is the opposite of these tools! It is a free 3-in-1 online tool that allows you toedit your PDF files in a few clicks ! To learn more about this tool and how it works, we invite you to continue reading this article.

PDF Wrench: 3 Buttons For 3 Functions!

PDF Wrench does not install on your computer. In this, it differs from most PDF document editing tools. It even goes further by not requiring users to register or subscribe. You can create an account if you wish, but all features are accessible without.

You go to the site pdfwrench.com and you can use the tool to edit your PDF documents as you like; It’s as simple as that!

It operates entirely from your web browser. In other words, the program is run locally and the personal files transferred there never leave the computer to be sent to remote servers: confidentiality prevails, and that’s a good thing.

Its features in detail

Regarding the features, there are three of them:

  1. Merge Docs: this is where you can add as many PDF files or images as you want, to arrange them in the desired order, and merge them to make a single final PDF.
  2. Merge Pages: This function allows you to go further than “Merge Docs”. You can still add PDFs and images, but here you can change the order of pages within the PDF files themselves.
  3. Sign Doc: from its name, you guess its function. You can actually sign a PDF, but also add annotations or comments.
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Demonstration videos are also there to guide you in using the tool. Finally, the PDF files or images to transfer can come from your hard drive, but also from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. The final file, meanwhile, can be downloaded to your computer or Google Drive, but not Dropbox or OneDrive for now.

PDF Wrench is a fast, simple tool that goes straight to the point while giving satisfaction with the result. Keep it in your favorites if you handle PDFs regularly .

What you must remember

PDF Wrench is an excellent free online tool that combines 3 useful features to edit your PDF files. You can combine multiple PDF documents, mix and match individual pages from different PDF documents, or edit and sign a PDF document. And if you are looking for free software that allows you to edit PDF files, we definitely recommend the excellent Foxit PDF Reader.


In conclusion, “PDF Wrench: Merge and Sign PDF Documents Online” is a useful tool for individuals and businesses that need to combine and sign PDF documents quickly and conveniently. With its online platform, users can easily upload and merge multiple PDFs into a single document, and add electronic signatures to authenticate the document. The tool is easy to use and can save users time and effort compared to manual methods. Overall, PDF Wrench can be a valuable asset for anyone who frequently works with PDF files.

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