PDFux: Powerful Online PDF Tools to Meet All Your Needs

If you frequently work with PDF files, you may require specific tools to make changes to your documents. That’s where pdfux comes in – a website that provides a comprehensive range of PDF tools to cater to all your needs, without the need to install any software. In this article, we’ll delve into the various features of pdfux and explain how they can help you work with your PDF files more efficiently.

pdfux, simple and practical online PDF tools

Pdfux is a website that provides a comprehensive collection of PDF tools to help you easily modify your documents online. All tools are accessible directly from your web browser and can be used on any computer (Windows, macOS, or Linux) or mobile device (Android or iPhone).

One of the standout features of pdfux is that it imposes no limits – you can edit as many PDF files as you need, regardless of their size.

Using pdfux is straightforward. Simply go to the home page of the site, select the PDF tool you require, and click the blue “Choose Files” button to upload the PDF file(s) you want to make changes to. For some tools, video tutorials are available to guide you through the process.

You can trust pdfux with your data, as your PDF documents never leave your device. All operations are performed directly in your web browser, without going through a remote server.

In summary, pdfux is a practical and user-friendly tool that provides a safe, quick, and free way to manipulate PDF files for anyone who needs it.

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Free online PDF tools: pdfux

The features of pdfux

  • Merge PDF : Combine multiple PDF files into one
  • Split PDF : Extract Pages and Create Multiple Files
  • Extract pages from PDF : keep only certain pages of a PDF file
  • Remove pages from a PDF file : remove pages from an existing PDF file
  • Rearrange pages in PDF file : rearrange the pages of a PDF file so that they appear in the order you want
  • Reverse pages in PDF file : order pages in reverse order
  • Rotate PDF : Rotate individual pages or the entire file
  • Number pages in PDF file : add page numbering in your PDF document
  • Interleave PDF Files : Combine multiple PDF files into one
  • Repeat a PDF file : repeat the contents of a PDF file several times
  • Inspect a PDF file : examine the internal structure of your PDF file
  • Add blank pages to a PDF file : choose where to insert blank pages
  • Zip PDF files : create a zip file containing one or more PDF files
  • Resize pages in a PDF file : change the page size of a PDF file
  • Mirror pages in a PDF file : reverse the orientation of the pages in your PDF document (vertically or horizontally)
  • Edit metadata : delete or modify the metadata of your documents (title, author, subject, keywords, creation date, etc.)
  • Comment : add comments to your PDF documents


Pdfux is an extremely useful online tool that provides a wide range of features for working with PDF files. With pdfux, you can perform various operations on your PDF files conveniently, without the need to download or install any software on your computer. Additionally, pdfux boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy to use, even for beginners.

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If you frequently work with PDF files and require a robust and user-friendly tool to meet your needs, pdfux is the ideal solution. Give it a try today and discover how it can help streamline your PDF file management!

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