Plane – A good alternative to JIRA, Asana, or Linear to successfully manage your projects!

Have you ever wondered why all your projects are falling apart?

It’s probably because you haven’t found the right tool to plan them yet! That’s why today, I want to introduce you to a self-hosted open-source project called Plane!

Yes, like flying. Although still in development, this tool is already cool enough to make you want to use it to track your tasks, sprints, and other roadmaps.

The interface is quite nice and will allow you to view projects, add attachments, create in-house workflows, but also import all tasks directly from other tools like Github or Jira. And, of course, receive notifications in Slack, Discord, and your own tools since there’s even an API.

You can also use cycles to plan sprints, divide projects into modules, and create custom filters to sort information as you see fit. Plane also offers the ability to do documentation directly as your project develops, and everything integrates seamlessly with Github to keep both your code and your issues in sync with Plane.

You’ll see, Plane is quite pleasant to use since there’s even Command K, a kind of quick interface to Spotlight to search for tasks, create new actions, etc. Not to mention a small notepad powered by ChatGPT for the lazy ones who don’t like to write.

If you’re interested, all you have to do is discover Plane and enjoy the life of projects! To learn how to install it with Docker, click here.

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