Plausible: The Open Source Alternative to Google Analytics

Tired of the complexity of Google Analytics and its impact on your visitors’ privacy? Then let me introduce you to Plausible Analytics, a refreshing open source alternative that focuses on the essentials through its clean and intuitive interface.

With Plausible, you have instant access to all the key statistics of your website: number of unique visitors, page views, traffic sources, countries of origin… all without drowning in data. Its strong point is privacy respect. Unlike Google Analytics, which tracks your visitors, Plausible remains completely anonymous: no cookies, no personal data collected, nothing. Your users browse peacefully, and you gather data without compromising your values.

In addition to being ethical, Plausible is incredibly lightweight. Its script weighs less than 1 KB, compared to 45 KB for Google Analytics. As a result, your pages load in a flash, your SEO improves, and even the planet breathes better with less data traffic!

And since Plausible is open source, you can tailor it to your specific needs or even host it yourself. But if you prefer the simplicity of the cloud, you can use it as SaaS on their servers for a fee.

You can also specify custom events to track important business goals, such as clicks on action buttons or page views in a conversion funnel. I invite you to read the documentation that details all the possibilities offered.

Now it’s up to you to decide whether to switch from Google Analytics to Plausible.

"Because of the Google update, I, like many other blogs, lost a lot of traffic."

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Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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