Players: Why Choose a Gaming PC?

When it comes to gaming, you generally have two options: consoles or a PC. Today, we’ll focus on the latter by highlighting the advantages of gaming PCs. Although it usually involves a significant initial investment, the return on this investment is much more worthwhile than you might initially think… Here’s why.

What are the advantages of a gaming PC?

Il suffit de jeter un coup d’œil aux PC de jeu d’un détaillant comme Cybertek pour comprendre : il y en a pour tous les goûts ! Derrière l’engouement croissant pour les PC de jeu se cache le fait que les joueurs sur PC bénéficient de nombreux avantages. En voici une liste, non exhaustive mais assez représentative :

  • The graphics are often much better than what you can get on a console, provided you invest in a good graphics card.
  • A gaming PC is a multitasking machine designed to last over time.
  • You can access numerous gaming platforms. While Steam often comes to mind, you can also benefit from the Epic Games Store, GOG, etc.
  • If you want to play console-exclusive games, you can enjoy PC ports from Sony and Microsoft or stream them when they’re not available.
  • With applications like Steamlink, you can play your PC games anywhere (via your smartphone or the famous Steamdeck).
  • Game prices are often much lower on PC thanks to competition between stores (especially if you wait for good deals like free games).
  • Customization options, such as mods, allow you to rediscover games from a new perspective.

In short, the PC is probably the most versatile machine for gaming. Investing in a gaming PC opens up a whole new world that console gamers might not be aware of.

How to (properly) choose your gaming PC?

If you really want to enjoy all the benefits of a gaming-focused computer, it’s crucial to make the right choice. To help you, we’ve prepared some tips.

Price and Specifications of the PC:
Before choosing your new gaming machine, you need to set a budget! Indeed, you can’t do the same with €500 as you can with €1,000, or even more… With a clear budget, you can select the range of your gaming PC (entry, mid, or high-end). The most important components to check are the graphics card, RAM, and the processor (the latter being of tertiary importance). If possible, consider increasing your budget slightly; with around €1,000, you often get a great machine.

The Screen, an Element Not to Be Overlooked

Having a powerful gaming computer is pointless if you don’t have the right screen to match! Without going for the very high-end (like OLED), we recommend IPS or VA panels (depending on your preference), with a good refresh rate (a minimum of 100 Hz is recommended for gaming). Finally, having a decent resolution (at least 1440p) and a suitable size, like 27 inches, will allow you to play in the best possible conditions.

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