Preevy – Instantly Mount Your Docker Preview Environments

Preevy is an excellent tool for those frequently working in a Docker-based environment. It leverages your Docker-Compose configurations and effortlessly creates a fully configured virtual machine (VM) in the cloud of your choice within seconds.

The cherry on top is that Preevy also generates public URLs, allowing you to expose each service of your application on the web. Isn’t that impressive?

To start using Preevy, simply install the global Preevy CLI (Command Line Interface) using npm or Yarn, or use it directly with npx.

npm install -g preevy

Next, select your preferred cloud provider (such as AWS, GCP, etc.) and configure your credentials. Voila! In just a few steps, you’ll have your preview environment up and running, ready to be shared with your team.

I absolutely adore how technology simplifies our lives!

But wait, there’s an even more exciting aspect to Preevy: its integration into CI/CD workflows. Imagine you’ve just submitted a new feature. Usually, the review and testing process can be tedious, particularly when dealing with multiple changes combined. This is where Preevy shines by creating a preview environment for each pull request. It enables you to test the modifications in an isolated environment before integrating them into the main codebase. Pure magic!

You can also update or remove these environments instantly by running the ‘preevy up‘ or ‘preevy down‘ command.

In essence, Preevy is like having a professional chef prepare a customized meal for you and your guests and even cleaning the entire kitchen once the meal is finished. It’s an ideal solution for developers working with complex environments who occasionally feel overwhelmed by their code.

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As mentioned earlier, Preevy is compatible with Docker Compose files, but it also supports YAML or JSON formats. Additionally, the documentation is clear and concise, so I encourage you to explore it further.

Lastly, regarding security, the creators of Preevy have taken it seriously. The tool utilizes dedicated tunnels for each Compose service, ensuring a secure and controlled exposure to the preview environment.

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