Prevent Data Leaks with Wholeaked: Safeguard Your Files and Identify Culprits

Wholeaked is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to share files with peace of mind. Developed in Go, Wholeaked is an ingenious way to detect the party responsible for a data leak.

Imagine for a moment that you need to send an important and confidential document to someone. How can you ensure that this recipient does not betray you by subsequently distributing the document publicly?

This is where Wholeaked comes in. It takes the file you want to share and a list of recipients, adding a unique signature to each file discreetly (watermark). Subsequently, it can automatically transmit the files to the corresponding recipients using integrations like Sendgrid, AWS SES, or SMTP. Alternatively, you can also manually share the files. Wholeaked is compatible with all types of files, and it offers additional features for common file formats such as PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF, EPS, AI, and PSD.

In an ideal scenario, Wholeaked would be your go-to informant in the battle against data leaks. To identify the responsible party for a leak, simply provide the leaked file to Wholeaked, and it will unveil the person responsible by comparing the signatures in its database. It’s akin to fingerprints left at a crime scene, but in the digital realm!

Wholeaked employs three types of signatures: binary, metadata, and watermark. The binary signature is directly added to the binary file, the metadata signature is incorporated into a metadata section of the file, and the invisible watermark is inserted into the text.

To install Wholeaked, you can download the binaries from the GitHub releases page and execute them. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can also install Go on your system and run the following command:

go install

Also, don’t forget to install exiftool to add signatures to file metadata, as well as pdftotext to check watermarks in PDF files. Installation instructions are available for Debian, macOS, and Windows.

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The onus is now on you to safeguard your data and combat minor leaks.

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