PS5 Pro Leak: A Super-Powerful Console Coming Just Before GTA VI?

While the PlayStation 5 Slim is starting to hit the shelves, a more powerful model could also appear very soon. Similar to the PS4 Pro, which offered a significant boost to a console in decline in the middle of its generation, the supposed PS5 Pro aims to convince gamers looking for more teraflops. The video game industry is evolving rapidly, and the requirements for modern titles are becoming more demanding. In 2024, Sony’s newest model will celebrate its fourth anniversary, a mid-term milestone that could signal an early retirement.

If the console continues to keep up with the pace (as seen with the excellent upgrade of Cyberpunk 2077 in February 2022), it is crucial for the manufacturer to plan for the future. The technical demands of upcoming games are not far off. Since the impressive announcement trailer of GTA VI, players are already wondering if PlayStation’s white monolith will be able to support the visuals teased by Rockstar. A new leak about the potential PS5 Pro seems to anticipate the arrival of the highly anticipated video game.

A Year of New Consoles

After rumors about a new super-powerful Nintendo Switch in 2024, it’s now the turn of the PS5 Pro to enter the upcoming calendar. A leak posted on the ResetEra forum makes some promising claims, which should be treated with utmost caution. However, if this information is accurate, here are the main improvements players can expect:

  • A GPU capable of reaching 28.67 teraflops compared to 10.28 teraflops for the base console
  • A processor of the same architecture (for increased compatibility) with a higher frequency up to 4.4Ghz
  • A new in-house upscaling method like NVIDIA DLSS and AMD Fidelity FX

Such power is enticing, and even better: an official announcement will not be long in coming. According to the same leak, the console’s reveal is scheduled for September 2024, ahead of a November launch. When asked about the leak, renowned leaker Tom Henderson declined to comment due to a lack of information on his side. However, the individual behind the PS5 Slim leak claims that the exact specs will start leaking this month as dev kits are sent to third-party studios.

For now, patience is required. However, the current dynamics of the industry suggest that some of these revelations can be verified next year. Will Microsoft follow suit against Sony and Nintendo? To be continued.

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