QtScrcpy – Control your Android devices from your PC/Mac

I’ve already told you several times about tools that make it easy to control Android devices directly from your PC via USB or network, like the famous command-line tool Scrcpy.

But since I know that the command line is not everyone’s favorite (what are you doing here, reading this article then?), I present to you QtScrcpy.

It works on macOS, Linux, and Windows, and there’s no need to have root permissions. It’s entirely based on Scrcpy, so you’ll have the same features, but everything can be set up via an interface.

In terms of configuration, everything is done by clicking, and you can even write your own script to map the keyboard and mouse actions to the keys and clicks to be made on the mobile phone according to your needs. And it even supports multi-touch.

Scripts for TikTok and a few other games are provided by default. That way, once activated, you can play the game with your keyboard and mouse.

QtScrcpy is intended to be lightweight, powerful (30 to 60 fps / less than 70 ms latency), and can display resolutions beyond 1080p. The idea for the creator is really to play like a pro gamer on your mobile games from your computer. But it will also be suitable for all those who want to automate certain uses of mobile apps, including screen recording (video or images).

And it even supports multiple devices at the same time, which can allow you to perform a single task simultaneously on a fleet of Android smartphones. In short, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

Find out more here.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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