RaspRover – The 4×4 Robot Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 and 5

Dreaming of delving into the world of robotics and artificial intelligence?

You’re in luck because this RaspRover kit will help you realize that dream! This versatile little 4×4 robot is the ideal companion for adventure as it comes equipped with the latest generation Raspberry Pi (models 4 or 5), allowing you to unleash your creativity by programming it yourself.

And you don’t need to be a computer whiz to master this robot because everything is designed to make it easy to use. Indeed, under the hood, you’ll find a dual controller setup: on one side, the Raspberry Pi handles high-level AI functions, while on the other, a microcontroller takes care of basic high-frequency operations. This way, every action you command is precise and smooth.

In terms of perception, the RaspRover is well-equipped with its wide-angle mobile camera providing a 160° peripheral vision. Coupled with OpenCV’s image recognition AI, this camera detects and tracks faces or objects, enabling it to interact with its environment seamlessly.

And that’s not all—it also boasts an array of sensors (9-axis IMU, laser rangefinder…) that enhance its capabilities: mapping, obstacle avoidance, precise localization… Its modular architecture and numerous interfaces (GPIO, USB, I2C, UART…) allow it to host a multitude of accessories: robotic arms, environmental sensors, 4G/5G modules… This makes it adaptable to an infinite number of scenarios such as precision agriculture, industrial site inspection, remote surveillance, education, research…

Of course, it runs on open source, meaning you can customize its code and add your own features. Additionally, thanks to the ESP-NOW protocol, multiple RaspRovers can even communicate and collaborate with each other! Imagine the squad of robots you could program with this thing.

If you’re interested, there’s a great Wiki that explains how to assemble and program it all.

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