ReaderGPT: A Powerful Chrome Extension for Web Page Summarization

As you’re aware, monitoring is a significant part of my work. I’m certain that, like me, you also find yourself with an overwhelming number of articles accumulating in your RSS feed reader or favorites.

Regrettably, we simply don’t have the time to read them all. So, imagine having a magical tool that can condense all that information into a few key points, saving you from the headache.

Allow me to introduce your new ultimate companion: ReaderGPT, an exceptional Chrome extension powered by the ChatGPT / GPT-4 API. It is designed to simplify your life and free up an enormous amount of your time.

Now, when you stumble upon an intriguing article that appears to be as lengthy as those from the 18th-century, fear not! ReaderGPT will be at your side, providing a summary that reveals whether it’s worth delving into for the finest details.

Summary with ChatGPT

With ReaderGPT, the possibilities extend far beyond text summarization. You can leverage its capabilities to accomplish various tasks. For instance, you can request it to translate articles into French, provide a concise 50-word summary, simplify the content for a wider audience, or even generate a pre-composed tweet for effortless sharing on social networks.

ReaderGPT efficiently extracts the readable content from web pages and utilizes the appropriate prompts to engage ChatGPT in generating comprehensive summaries that capture the essential points. It’s a quick and convenient solution, granting you hours of free time.

This incredible tool is truly a marvel, empowering you to accomplish more with ease!

To download here.

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