Revitalize Your Old Photos with AI: A Guide to Photo Restoration Using DifFace

We all have old photos lying around in our archives, especially old JPEGs from a time when image compression was significantly degraded. Thanks to the DifFace algorithm, which utilizes AI, it is now possible to manage the complex degradations of a photo and restore it.

The results are stunning. The entire code is available on GitHub, and you can deploy it on your own. However, if laziness is a significant factor in your life, the easiest way is to visit HuggingFace (note: it doesn’t work anymore; consider using Colab instead).

Simply upload your image, click “Submit,” and that’s it! You will receive an impressive result that will surely please your heart.

I tested many similar tools, but I believe that DifFace provides the best restoration, even for highly blurry images. Of course, it’s not perfect yet; you might still notice a slight “drawn-on-the-image” appearance when you zoom in, but we are making progress.

I highly encourage you to try it and compare it with similar systems.

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Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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