Scribble Diffusion: Transforming Rough Sketches into Unique Artistic Creations

You enjoy drawing, but in general, it’s far from being Picasso, and your friends, children, and colleagues make fun of you at the first attempt, even if it’s just a potato.

So, for people without talent, I already recommended AutoDraw here. Obviously, now with Midjourney, we have all become talented illustrators. But it’s not necessarily simple to generate the image of our dreams from a text.

Fortunately, Scribble Diffusion is here to help you obtain, from an ugly sketch, its equally aesthetically challenged counterpart generated with Stable Diffusion.

You draw the thing you have in mind, describe what is in the drawing, and tada! You will get these kinds of results:

Magnificent (no)!

The cool thing is that it’s a freely licensed project that you can host on your own server (nodeJS). This way, your potato will look like a real potato drawn by a professional.

It’s useless, but it will amuse you for 5 minutes :)”

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Mohamed SAKHRI
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