Send: Share Encrypted Files in an Optimal (Secure and Confidential) Manner

Are you looking for a solution to share files securely and confidentially? Look no further, Send is here for you!

This open-source tool, a fork of Firefox Send, allows you to send encrypted files that self-destruct after a set time. It’s a privacy enthusiast’s dream come true!

With Send, you can say goodbye to file-sharing services that snoop into your data. Here, everything is end-to-end encrypted, and your files will be protected like the precious One Ring. Even Sauron won’t be able to access them!

The interface is as simple as can be. You drag and drop your files, set a download limit and an expiration date, and boom! You get a link to share with your friends, colleagues, or secret agents.

The code is available on GitHub, allowing you to set up your own instance of Send if you wish. And if you’re feeling lazy, don’t worry, there are plenty of available instances.

To install:

  • Clone the Send GitHub repository with git clone
  • Install dependencies with npm install
  • Configure environment variables (see the documentation for details)
  • Start the server with npm start
  • Access the web interface at http://localhost:8080
  • Enjoy!

So, don’t wait any longer, find it here:

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