SketchyBar – A customizable status bar for macOS

What if I told you a bit about this project called SketchyBar, which is neither more nor less than a highly flexible and customizable status bar for macOS?

SketchyBar was forked from Spacebar and completely reimagined and rewritten. Improvements include better performance, a fully scriptable experience, more configurability (fonts, backgrounds, colors, icons, etc.), and an even more powerful event and scripting system. To install it, you can go through Brew.

Designed especially for people who like to play with shell scripts, it allows you to adapt your macOS status bar according to your desires like a chameleon changing color to blend in with its environment.

After consulting the installation guide and the scripts here, you will quickly realize that the possibilities of SketchyBar are endless.

The main features of SketchyBar include, among others:

  •     A high level of configuration
  •     A dynamic animation system
  •     A scripting and event management system to interact with your scripts

The application is hypermodular; all bar elements can be added, removed, and modified freely using an event-driven scripting system.

For those who like to get their hands dirty and familiarize themselves with the different elements, I also invite you to consult the available plugins and configurations and especially try them for yourself to familiarize yourself with them.

SketchyBar is a fascinating project that offers endless possibilities for macOS users looking to improve the look and functionality of their status bar. If you’re still looking for the perfect status bar like me, then look no further and give this app a shot!

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