Soundful: AI-Powered Royalty-Free Music Generator

Artificial intelligence can now generate texts, images, and even music! And that’s exactly what the online tool Soundful offers. For example, this tool can save you time if you’re a social media content creator. And for good reason: you can get royalty-free soundtracks using this tool. We were particularly intrigued by this new application of machine learning, so we have prepared a little test for you.

Soundful: what does this automatic music content creator offer?

Before discussing more about Soundful’s features, we would like to inform you that the tool is not entirely free. The first ten creations per month can be downloaded for free, but after that, subscription packages for individuals and companies are required for unlimited downloads or packs based on the user’s preferences.

However, the free version of Soundful is still quite useful, especially if your needs are not too high. The number of tracks available is reasonable and can prove to be helpful.

It is important to note that AI generates every music track downloaded from Soundful. Therefore, you should not expect masterpieces comparable to those of Mozart or Jean-Michel Jarre. The purpose of this tool is to assist you when you need to add background music to an advertisement, tutorial, or any other video and finding royalty-free music becomes a challenge.

Create royalty-free music on Soundful

Intuitive use to get leads

The interface of Soundful is modern and user-friendly. You can access the music production space within seconds by either registering or logging in through Google.

Once you have created an account or registered, the button to obtain your first track is prominently displayed. You must select your preferred genre (such as Pop, RnB, EDM, or atmospheric music, supplemented with sub-themes) and let the “magic” happen.

A track preview can be heard almost instantly, within a minute. To obtain the complete version rendered in the best quality possible, you can download it from the Soundful library.

But before that, Soundful offers you a personalization lever according to the following possibilities:

  • You can adjust the song speed (BPM).
  • The choice of keys can be determined (Key) for those who master this aspect.
  • It is, of course, possible to rename the track.
Download royalty-free music from Soundful

Soundful: our opinion

Soundful lives up to its promises. Of course, if you’re looking for a high level of artistic production, nothing beats the work of a human! However, when you have less at stake, this online software can deliver entirely decent royalty-free music, and we even generate some melodious tracks.

What we found interesting about Soundful was its variety of possibilities for content creators. While it doesn’t reach the complexity of fully professional music production software, the templates provide a good starting point or “base” when time is of the essence.

With a subscription, you can monetize the content generated using Soundful, subject to certain conditions that should be considered when subscribing.

Overall, Soundful is an AI music creation tool that is capable of meeting your needs for royalty-free tracks, at least for small to medium-sized projects. We hope you find it satisfying!

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