Starship: The Customizable Command Prompt

Starship is an ultra-fast, fully configurable command prompt customization tool that works with everything, whether you use Bash, Zsh, Fish, PowerShell, etc. This tool integrates seamlessly with your shell and will help you get the most out of it.

Once Starship is installed, you’ll be amazed by its customization capabilities, allowing you to configure every aspect of your shell to suit your needs and preferences. Colors, symbols, displayed information… everything is modifiable via the starship.toml configuration file.

And if you work on multiple projects simultaneously, no problem—Starship will “intelligently” display the current directory name, the Git branch, and the status of your repository. If you need information about the version of Node.js, Python, or Ruby you are using, Starship will automatically detect and naturally integrate it into your prompt.

But Starship doesn’t stop there; it supports a multitude of plugins to extend its functionalities. This allows, for example, displaying the status of your tests, the battery level of your laptop, or even the weather.

And if you’re a power user, you’ll appreciate Starship’s speed because, unlike other tools that can slow down your terminal, it is optimized to offer optimal performance without perceptible latency, even if you have pushed customization to the limit!

Installation is also a breeze. On most systems, you simply need to execute a single command to automatically download and configure this tool. For example, on macOS, you can use Homebrew:

brew install starship

And on Linux, the command is just as simple:

curl -sS | sh

If you feel like trying it out, the official site is available. And if you’re looking for inspiration to customize your command prompt, there are presets on the site as well.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

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