Stay Ahead in SEO with Effortless Long-Tail Optimization with Suggest Machine

Do you know the concept of the long tail?

This is the favorite pastime of SEO experts who try to cram as much as possible into the site, determining many queries specific to their field, including infrequent ones. This makes it possible to capture traffic on lots of expressions and keywords of varying lengths.

Except that it takes a little imagination to find all these expressions. Fortunately, a free tool called Suggest Machine can help you.

The concept is simple: you enter a keyword, a language (slurp), and a country, and off I go. Suggest Machine will begin listing both suggested queries and questions. To do this, it is based on the suggestions returned by Google.

Then, it will complement your initial request with its results to generate even more results, and so on.

And it can last like that for a good while. So, it’s up to you to export the lists to CSV to start working on your long-tail SEO content.

Good luck with this long and difficult job!”

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