Strut – The AI writer for people who want to write more efficiently

If you find yourself compelled to chronicle your life’s journey or weave a captivating short story for self-publishing, or perhaps you’re trapped in the mundane world of report writing that seems destined to go unnoticed – it’s a familiar scenario.

But what if writing isn’t your forte? Fortunately, there’s a lifesaver called, a platform that bridges the gap between Word and an idea organizer to keep your creative production soaring!

This ingenious tool harnesses the power of chatGPT-4 behind the scenes. What sets it apart? It’s not only free but also intelligently designed to assist you in untangling the chaos in your mind. offers workspaces that span from draft and notes to research papers and, ultimately, a polished final version. It even enables you to seamlessly combine multiple notes into a cohesive document.

Strut’s AI becomes your companion throughout the entire process – from contemplation and plan development to the actual writing, and even for tasks like paraphrasing and correction. It’s akin to collaborating with a diligent colleague, though, in this case, your partner isn’t a human.

Share your website’s URL with Strut, and it can identify a writing style to tailor its assistance specifically for you. Moreover, you can reference other project pages simply by mentioning the page title with an ‘@’ symbol.

To draw a somewhat spirited analogy, developers have Cursor, and editors now have Strut.

This online tool guarantees the privacy of your data, with its creators assuring that the information you input isn’t utilized to train AI models.

Ready to embark on your first writing venture? Click here to start your paper.

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