Supervision: Give Your AI Project Sight

Dreaming of endowing your AI projects with visual superpowers? Look no further, Supervision is here for you! Object detection, instance segmentation, image and video annotation… all this becomes possible with just a few lines of code thanks to this project, which offers an intuitive API and advanced features to make your life easier.

The secret of Supervision? Seamless integration with the best deep learning libraries of the moment like YOLO-NAS, YOLOv8, and more. These powerful object detection models will no longer hold any secrets for you, and with their help, you can accurately identify and locate every element in your images and videos.

Supervision also offers you extremely handy annotation and visualization tools. For example, you can draw bounding boxes around detected objects, display segmentation masks with customized colors, add labels and confidence scores, and more.

On the data side, it excels with its dataset management API that allows you to load your images and annotations in YOLO format in the blink of an eye, explore your dataset, filter and split the data like a pro, and more. It’s super simple!

If you’re interested, everything is on the project’s GitHub repo, and there’s even a dedicated site with documentation, API details, and plenty of examples.

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