Swen – Enjoy TikTok Style Entertainment Minus Social Hassles

Recently, I came across Swen, a news application that presents an alternative to social networks for obtaining reliable and diverse information. Essentially, it functions much like TikTok, but instead of the usual social content, it features authentic media sharing their content.

Clearly intended for quick consumption, Swen is an excellent tool for accessing information in a reliable and varied manner, avoiding the realm of social networks where, unfortunately, fake news still prevails despite the commendable efforts of National Education to encourage independent thinking among our children ^^.

Swen offers over 70 sources of information spanning topics such as ecology, sports, society, culture, and technology. The interface is user-friendly, allowing you to explore new subjects by smoothly scrolling through themes, much like on Instagram or TikTok.

The concept behind Swen involves blending the visual norms of social networks with high-quality content from established media partners. A notable feature of Swen is the ability to react to news using 10-second videos. Users can swiftly and dynamically share their thoughts, inviting friends to engage within their community. It’s a brilliant means of sparking discussions on topics of significance, akin to Twitter’s format but in video form.

To provide a practical example, envision scrolling through your news feed and stumbling upon an article discussing recent antics of a political party. Suddenly, frustration strikes! You can readily grab your phone, record a 10-second video reaction where you voice your opinions or even offer an amusing protest, and then send it to your community. Your friends can subsequently view your video and respond, initiating a genuine exchange that may inevitably lead to spirited discussions.

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Moreover, Swen equips users with lucid resources and tutorials to deepen their comprehension of the covered subjects. For instance, if you’re keen on understanding environmental concerns, the app will present you with in-depth articles, instructional videos, and links to pertinent resources. This way, you can enrich your understanding of the subject matter and appreciate diverse perspectives.

The iOS version can be downloaded here, while the Android version is on its way.

In summary, to conclude, Swen genuinely serves as an alternative to both social networks and traditional platforms for attaining information in a “relatively” reliable and diverse manner, all while providing a contemporary user experience.

Feel free to explore the app

Find it here.

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