Task Management Made Easy: Please CLI for Terminal

Life changes daily: practicing meditation, moving to a different region, having kids, and using the right tools in your terminal!

So today, I suggest you profoundly change your daily life with Please CLI, a fantastic application enabling you to easily manage your tasks using simple commands directly from the terminal.

Please CLI offers commands to add, delete, edit, and mark tasks as complete. But that’s not all! You can also configure the tool to remove the welcome header, horizontal lines, and the small quotes that tumble when you exit the device. This will provide you with a clean and uncluttered task view without unnecessary distractions.

It is often said that ‘Time is money,’ and you can save both with this tool! By automating and simplifying the management of your tasks, you can focus on what matters: accomplishing your goals!

Here is a quick demo to pique your interest:

To install it, nothing could be simpler:

pip3 install please-cli

I still invite you to scan the documentation to learn how to use it effectively.

With this software, you can conquer mountains one step at a time, as the motivational coaches on TikTok say ^^

Discover it here

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