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Tech to Geek or Tech for Geek is a technology website that provides quick tech guides and tips on various topics related to computers, the internet, and other consumer technology. Some of the main topics covered on the site include how-to’s, troubleshooting guides, computer and internet basics, security and privacy tips, smartphone tutorials, gaming guides, and product recommendations.

The site was founded in 2022 by a team with experience in the IT and technology publishing fields. The goal of Tech To Geek is to provide simplified, easy-to-understand technological advice and instructions so everyday users can effectively operate computers, mobile devices, home networks, and other common technology.

Site Sections and Topics

Tech To Geek Blog is organized into several main categories that group related articles and tutorials into distinct sections:


This section covers computer basics, troubleshooting guides, tutorials on using common applications and software, tips to speed up and improve computer performance, and advice on choosing new computer hardware and peripherals. Some examples of articles include “How to Speed Up a Slow Computer”, “Common Computer Problems and Solutions”, and “Choosing the Right Computer Monitor”.


The how-to section includes step-by-step visual guides on accomplishing common technological tasks. Some examples include how to build a computer, set up a wireless router, resize image files, or remove viruses and malware. How-to’s aim to provide clear instructions for readers to successfully complete technical procedures on their own.


This section includes explainers on internet connectivity issues, browser settings and extensions, using search engines effectively, web safety tips, guides to getting the most out of web apps, and more. For example, “Best Browser Extensions for Privacy” and “Tips to Reduce Mobile Data Usage”.

Smartphones and Gadgets

With new smartphone, wearable, and smart home models continually being updated and released, this section helps buyers choose devices and provides tutorials on how to get the most out of gadgets. Reviews on the latest consumer tech aim to cut through marketing claims and identify products actually worth the investment for different types of buyers.


Tech To Geek’s gaming articles offer buying advice for gaming gear like PCs, laptops, and accessories tailored specifically for an optimal gaming experience. There are also tutorials that help solve common issues encountered in gaming, such as lag, crashes, bugs, graphics card problems, advice on game settings, and guides to troubleshooting internet connectivity problems affecting online multiplayer games.

Security and Privacy

With data breaches and online identity theft risks only continuing to rise, Tech To Geek emphasizes security awareness and best practices to keep user data safe. Whether the topic is creating strong passwords, identifying phishing emails, avoiding public WiFi risks, or managing social media privacy, this section informs readers on proactively protecting themselves online.

Expert Contributors

In addition to its core team of editors and tech experts, Tech To Geek benefits from regular guest contributions from technology specialists who offer insights in their given field. These guest writers may be software developers providing coding tips, cybersecurity professionals warning about new threats, SEO consultants explaining latest google algorithm updates, PC builders giving advice on component compatibility, and more. This expertise strengthens the range and authority of Tech To Geek’s technology advice.

Citing Multiple Studies

tech2geek aims to support its technology guidance and product recommendations with external research and hard performance data whenever possible. When reviewing a new smartphone, citing benchmark test results or multiple expert analyses emphasizes that buying advice stems from objective testing rather than personal impressions alone. In a piece comparing encrypted messaging apps, referencing multiple privacy audit reports from reputable information security firms adds validity to security claims. And guidance on resolving computer lag issues gains more authority when various optimization studies are referenced.

Accessible Advice for All Users

While Tech To Geek draws upon tech industry expertise, the core goal remains making technology more approachable and manageable for everyday users who don’t have advanced technical knowledge. Advice balances covering details needed to effectively solve tech issues while using language and explanations easily comprehended by general audiences. Topics match common problems users face when trying to accomplish tasks on computers, mobile devices, and new internet-connected gadgets and appliances. The aim is to make readers feel empowered to resolve basic tech issues themselves and get more out of everyday devices rather than feel intimidated.

Revenue Sources

Technology to Geeks utilizes display advertising through Google AdSense as well as occasional sponsored posts to generate revenue. While objective advice and editorial independence remain priorities, relevant and clearly disclosed advertising partnerships with technology companies help support providing so much free educational material. Affiliate sales are another revenue stream – links to external products featured in buying guides provide a small sales commission. But again transparency and signaling sponsored recommendations versus objective endorsements preserve reader trust and credibility.

In summary, Tech to Geek serves everyday technology users by providing quick and easy to understand computer, internet, and consumer electronics guidance. Relying on expert contributions and external research while using plain language keeps advice accessible for general audiences. Instructions, how-to’s, troubleshooting guides, tips, and product recommendations aim to make interacting with the latest technology less intimidating. Multiple revenue streams including advertising and affiliate partnerships enable Tech To Geek to continue producing free tutorials and tech advice for users looking to get more out of their devices.

Mohamed SAKHRI
Mohamed SAKHRI

I'm the creator and editor-in-chief of Tech To Geek. Through this little blog, I share with you my passion for technology. I specialize in various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android, focusing on providing practical and valuable guides.

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